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About Oliver Iglesia Victorio

I am a Big Picture Thinker on Mind, Belief, Science and Society, asking tough questions about the ultimate nature of reality. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree with First Class Honours in Politics, Philosophy and History from Birkbeck, University of London, in 2020. I am also the recipient of the Dakin 'Best Birkbeck Student' Prize 2019-2020 and have also been awarded a scholarship from the University of Law. I have had extensive experience working in customer service at the House of Commons and the University of London Housing Services, brief experience working as a Metropolitan Police Detention Officer, and have recently secured a position as a Policy Officer for the UK Home Office focusing on Modern Slavery. I have overcome obstacles of poverty, learning disability, mental health, religious fundamentalism, and a near fatal car crash. My ambition is to become an independent educator in law, political psychology, and analytic philosophy.

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